Thursday, September 22, 2011


"He used to be a singer in a rock and roll band.
He would write the songs and I'd tremble at his hand but oh, la laa.
He lost poetic ethic and his songs were pathetic, and he's a failure now.

He used to be the life and soul of everyone around.
You'd never catch him looking up and never see him down but oh, la laa.
He couldn't raise a smile oh, not for a while, and he's a failure now.

Don't cry child, you've got so much more to live for.
Don't cry child, you've got something I would die for
And if it comes to the rain, just be glad you'll smile again
'Cause so many don't. 
And so many go unnamed."

Laura Marling's song Failure, more or less summarizes my blog post today. So, why failure as a topic out of the blue, you might ask. And I would reply why not summarize the condition of the whole world in a world - FAIL! Too pessimistic? Maybe, but not really. 
Lets first see what failure actually is - "Failure refers to the state or condition of not meeting a desirable or intended objective, and may be viewed as the opposite of success". Too heavy? You bet! That was copied straight out of Wikipedia. To me, failure is basically not getting what you thought you would get. You mug a lot the week before the exam, give a thumbs up paper and when the results are hung on the college notice board, you feel like - Damn! I passed, but I am a failure... And in another instance, you don't even bother to study for the impending exam, give a crap paper and you end up getting a 40, when you didn't even think you would get a double digit score. You say "Yeah I failed, but who gives a damn!"
My point, friends, is that Failure is a very subjective topic. What is failure to one person, is success to another. We fail because we think we have failed. That is the essential difference between having FAILED, and being a FAILURE. When we think we have "failed", its the way the world sees us. And when we think we are a failure, its how we see ourselves.
Ever seen an ant carrying load on its back? It walks, stops, drops its load, picks it up and walks again. Yes, it had failed, but it had not allowed itself to become a failure. Its just that self-confidence that matters. You never know, who might love those very qualities in you which you think made you fail. You are soft spoken, shy, can't express what you want to say exactly - you think you failed because of all these. Somewhere in the corner of this world, there is someone, who likes you just because of that shyness. Someone, who wants to shed their fits of rage and overt expressiveness to be just like you.
Failing is one of the most subjective attributes you will find, like most human attributes are. Do you always love what everyone else loves, see something the same way everyone else sees? Then why think yourself a failure when everyone else does? After all, isn't "We are all unique" a very true cliche? Fail, but don't be a failure. Wouldn't you like to celebrate that success party with toasts to every fails you have crumpled and left behind? So, in true Bollywood style, just place your palm on your heart and say All is Well... it may not do you miracles, but that extra dose of confidence never hurts.

- by a failed blogger, trying to rise above the failures.
Cheerio :)

You are responsible for your failures, and you are responsible for your successes too. Its upto you what you choose.

Monday, September 19, 2011


And its one of those days again - when I have one of these sudden irresistible urge to put up a really funny and interesting blog post and then end up looking blankly at the screen for twenty minutes, excavating the depths of the brain for some sane ideas and then finally closing down the computer due to utter infertility of the useless brain. With the nice, 'romantic' and very un-Calcutta-ish weather outside, all I can do is down cups of coffee and check and recheck my the Facebook home page with random gibberish floating through my brain... So, how about a sneak peek into what's on my mind  -
  • For the first time today, I had to wade through knee-deep water at Park Street - a first time occurrence if my memory is not failing me. While I detested the slimy dog-poop and god-knows-what-else mixed water, I cant deny that walking like that with your friends is fun [ though later on you feel like crying with a single glance at your jeans].

  • Has Calcutta suddenly shifted to the Equatorial Zone or something? What's with the daily torrential rain in the afternoon? Or may be with yesterday's earthquake, and all this rain, some sadistic omnipotent person sitting right up there is trying to shout out - "Hey, 2012 is almost here you know... I'm gonna drown you all... Bwahahaha(*evil laughter*)!! ".

  • What were the "officials" actually thinking when they decided to change Calcutta to Kolkata and West Bengal to Paschimbanga? What? Serious nomenclature lessons needed her in the state.

  • Am I really spastic or does everyone have initial problems in mastering the barre chords while playing the guitar? And talking of the guitar, I am planning to graffiti on the black wood with white. Any idea with what do I do that? Poster colour?

  • I should really get on with reading the never-ending notes on Paradise Lost given in class. And now that I brought it up, how would you not love someone who says stuff like - " It is better to reign in hell than serve in heaven", or, "The mind is its own place, and in itself / Can make a Heaven of Hell, a Hell of Heaven" and "Awake, arise, or be for ever fallen!". If Milton was indeed trying to glorify God, why did he even give such lines to Satan?

  • With everyone saying that they can smell the Durga Puja in the air, the only thing I can smell is the Petrichor(smell of the rain, silly), the one month long vacation ahead and the coffee brewing in the kitchen... mmmm....

  • I really think fasting is the 'in' thing in India right now. After Sharmila Erom and Anna, its Modi now. Soon it will be like -X "Mom I want that new bag". Mom - "No, do whatever you feel like." X - "Ok, I will go on a fast". Mom - "Uh...erm.. how much is it beta? I think it wont be a bad buy afterall."

  • A photography tour to the North East. With two friends, hiking and camping gear, phones switched off, a Canon S95 IS camera, roasted meat, bonfire - life WOULD have been so good. The closest I can do is probably a photography tour to the Sundarbans.

  • And it is Literaria'11 tomorrow,finally. The St.Xaviers College English Department Fest. We are so gonna rock, provided the rain gods do not start having their own little share of fun in drowning us in the deluge.

  • And after all this nonsense, I suddenly feel like reading Kurt Cobain's death note once more. The man - the voice - the words - the legend - the inspiration and Boddah. For those who haven't yet read it, just go through this once - Kurt Cobain's Suicide Note. Who says rockstars are not poets?

And till then, adios until I come back with some more fragments from my Scatter brain.
A true scatter brain.

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