Sunday, April 24, 2011

MADNESS ::proved::

I don't really know why I posted this, but then, its here...

Friday, April 22, 2011

:: My Anime Addiction ::

They say there's no such place... as Paradise. Even if you search to the ends of the Earth, there's nothing there. No matter how far you walk, it's always the same road. It just goes on and on. But, in spite of that... Why am I so driven to find it? A voice calls to me... It says, "Search for Paradise."  - Kiba (Wolf’s Rain)

As a young girl, I was never much into movies. Television for me, consisted of just one thing – Animes aired on a lone channel called Animax. Well, before I delve any further into this post, let me explain what Animes exactly are.
As the name suggests, it is obviously a form of animation, in this case, Japanese animations. Both hand-drawn and Computer –animated anime exist and represents most, if not all, Genres of Fiction. Most of the human figures depicted in these Animes are not correctly proportioned, but still, those large expressive eyes, slender figures and long limbs make the characters so endearing that you cannot help but fall in love with them.
My rendezvous with Anime started with a fantasy how ‘Card captor Sakura’- the story of a young school girl who fights her fears and weaknesses to capture certain destructive cards and master them, saving the human population in the process. Sakura fascinated me. I got hooked. Soon, Hungry Heart (story of a soccer player), Captain Tsubasa, Astro Boy and Detective Academy Q followed. While the other people in my class were busy watching Tom and Jerry and Richie Rich, I had found my treasure trove in Animes. The very fact that they were so real yet so very unreal, made me fall in love with them. And I was not the only one in class. A few other guys were hooked into these Japanimations too, and this made our whole group kind of outcasts (not that it mattered to me anyway).

All these days, I had just watched the Prime time shows, never bothering to tune in later. I realized what big a mistake this was when, one day, the insomniac that I am, switched on the television at 1 a.m. at night and watched the repeat telecast of a show named WOLF’S RAIN. I soon worked out the actual timing of the show and devoted myself to it. And the Wolves never disappointed me. Other niche shows like GET BACKERS and //.HACK SIGN: LEGEND OF TWILIGHT soon became my staple. They captured my imagination like nothing before. What I did not realize then was that what I was watching was shows on Dystopia, Cyberpunk and Post-apocalyptic earth – stuff that excite me even today.

Wolf’s Rain was set hundreds of years from now, when most of the Earth is a mere ruined wasteland and people live in few domed and widely dispersed cities. Legend speaks that at the end of this world, which is almost near, Paradise will open, and it will only be known by the wolves. But wolves, along with most wild animals have been extinct for 200 years… or so everyone believes. In fact, a few still survive, using their mental strength to cloak themselves as human beings, living off the gutters. All changes when a young white wolf named Kiba arrives, drawn by the scent of the Flower Daughter, a mysterious girl held captive by a group of researchers.
Wolf’s Rain deals with very delicate human-animal relationships and the very pressing issue of environmental destruction. The message is not shouted out. The subtle reality of the world in which the wolves live – the options of scavenging from the city of leaving it for freedom into the vast empty wasteland, makes one stop and take notice. The monochromatic barren landscapes, sweeping melancholy and gloomy vistas add a chilling sense of dread. Added to these is Yoko Kanno’s haunting music which does not leave you for a long time to come. Maya Sakamoto’s ‘GRAVITY (youtube link)’ and Steve Conte’s ‘STRAY (youtube link)’ are masterpieces. No show has portrayed a dystopic society better before, just like Kiba says – “Dying or getting killed isn't something unnatural. Living aimlessly without a purpose is.” (Wolf's Rain).

Get Backer on the other hand is apparently an action comedy of two guys who call themselves "The GetBackers" and their claim to fame is a 100% case success rate. Ginji Amano and Ban Mido make up the spiky-haired retrieval agency that will get back any lost or stolen item, for the right price. On the surface, the GetBackers look like an ordinary male duo; however, Ginji and Ban both possess unique capabilities. Ginji is able to produce thousands of volts of electricity from his body while Ban has what's called 'The Evil Eye'—for one minute he can hypnotize someone by trapping them in their worst nightmare for what seems an eternity, and that’s not intimidating what is? What I actually liked about it was the portrayal of a certain place called Maze City, which Ban says is “ a place where reality and virtual reality collides”. As soon as you enter it, you get automatically plugged into the virtual reality system through microwaves. What happens in it is both real and unreal. Like, you could be actually walking in the city, but your mind can be made to think that you are doing something else. In the same way, you could be really sitting in the 2nd floor of maze city, but if the VR(virtual Reality) system wants you to think you are standing in the hallway of the 3rd floor, you are. The VR actually sends signals to our brains directly. So we end up in seeing, feeling, hearing, tasting and feeling unreal objects. The fact that the makers use such convoluted concepts and yet manage a perfect coherent ending never fails to amaze me.


If you want a break from your regular Television channels, Anime is a must watch. And if Animax isn’t airing, there good ol’ Youtube for the rest. Go, search up the tube and get ready to be spellbound. Animes  (good ones that is) will hold your attention longer than you imagine. Borrowing from the Bard, There are more things in Animes, than are dreamt of in your philosophy.

:: About Moi ::

1. I feel short compared to most people, even though I'm probably not that short. 

2. When I was young I worried that I would still be reading Harry Potter when I was an adult, and it would make me an outcast... :( 

3. I've never broken a limb (WHAT AN ACHIEVEMENT!!).

4. My favourite ice cream is Butterscotch with choco dumplings.... ymmm!!!

5. I once owned a She-ra Crystal Castle, which was exactly the same plastic castle as He-Man's Castle Grayskull, only spray painted pink. 

6. I once ran away from home at age 9 with a packet of chips, a pair of toy binoculars and a ten bucks note in my backpack. I made it as far as 10 km...

7. Despite the unreliability, crowd, and slow speed of the city buses, I am still stoked that I only have to wait 4 minutes for a bus.

8. I never saw DDLJ until last month and I think I really hate it .

9. I can't believe I made it in Neptune.. by my own personal scoring system, anyway ..

10. I have never been to Atlantis.

11. I love being in love <3 <3

12. I don't believe in love at first sight .

13. I have a problem with hypocrites.

14. I appreciate my mother .

15. My hobby is talking to myself.

16. I think about my mistakes .

17. I've been known to hold grudges, although I try not to ...

18. I feel lucky that I have been loved ..........

19. If I had the chance to start again, I would do almost nothing differently!

20. I swear too much ... damn.. (there I go again...)

21. I've never been cool. I kind of go my own way, which is uber-cool, apparently. 

22. I don't remember ever having chicken pox. I think I had the measles once 

23. I really really hate being sick. I am hardly ever sick enough to stay home from college, though. 

24. I don't have a "type" 

25. People who make me laugh fascinate me. Especially when its a sarcastic or caustic remark that does it 

26. I am writing this at the middle of night because I don't have any to do (some things never change).

27. I am leaving for dreamland in 45 minutes and I don't know if I want the dreams 

28. I can't think of that many things to write about myself! 

29. My favourite author is William Gibson, followed by J.K.Rowling, Alistair Maclean and Edgar Allan Poe

30. I always wanted to be in a real haunted house and have to stay the night with a group of my friends 

31. I love to read. Especially when its cold and raining and I'm inside 

32. I hate weddings. They're boring and stressful. 

33. I love mashed potato. Any potato dish really 

34. I can't sing, but I still love to anyway. 

35. I am a super huge Anime and Manga fan!!!!!! 

36. I'm a big fan of starfish sleeping 

37. My favourite color is black, which is boring because almost everyone elses is too 

38. The best game ever written is The Sims.. I own all the expansions. I've bought them twice, because I lost the first set 

39. I don't like being tickled. 

40. But I love pillow fights 

41. My blood type is AB+ 

42. I have a weakness for microwaved popcorn 

43. I love doodling in most of my classes.

44. My secret ambition when I was 11, was to be an astronaut, detective, adventurer and god knows what…

45. I waited all day on my 11th birthday to get the letter from Hogwarts

46. I secretly read Dante's Inferno. 

47. My favourite font is Chiller

48. I can talk to lizards

49. I absolutely love wolves… damn gorgeous

50. I've never met anyone from Siberia. I think that would be cool 

51. I don't like dolphin motifs on furniture, ornaments etc 

52. I love goats cheese 

53. Greek food is my favourite 

54. I am pro-choice, however I'm not sure what I'd do if I had to make one 

55. I like music with sad lyrics. This does not make me permanently depressive, however 

56. I cannot keep my room tidy. 

57. I had a cat called Tussy, named after... god knows what?!

58. I hate small tweeny irritating kids.

59. After a long day, I play GTA:Vice City just to ride the cool cars and blow up people.

60. I miss old friends sometimes but realise our parting was probably for the best 

61. I love old fashioned rooms with patched upholstery and nicotine-stained ceilings 

62. I like bingo. 

63. I am no good at gardening, I tend to kill all plants 

64. When I was in primary school Tazzos (free with chips packets)  just came out. You could get Pokemon, Digimon and all sorts of them.... I was the proud owner of 300 of them.

65. My one secret ambition is to write a book on Dystopian 'cyberpunk'ish society....

66. I once caught a cricket ball in my hair and became the most popular player for the day 

67. I don't really like a lot of candies, cant say the same for chocolates though...

68. My favourite movies are Rang de Basanti and A Clockwork Orange,Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, Inception, Blade Runner and the rest I cant remember now…

69. I hate doing dishes only slightly less than studying

70. I love Grappo Fizz

71. Above all programs, I hate Macromedia Flash the most

72. If I were a cartoon character, I'd be Milhouse from the Simpsons. ("My beautiful eyebrows!") :P

73. If I were an animal, I'd be a cat. Lazy, feline and fat :) though I've always loved Wolves

74. I adore my new window drapes.

75. I hate Big Boss (and variations thereof) 

76. I'm passionate about music and have a pretty diverse taste 

77. I'm not in the least bit original, but praise others for being so 

78. I hate noise waking me up. 

79. I secretly like the colors Red and White

80. I have been known to start fights due to lack of sleep irritability 

81. I hate Professor Snape

82. Sapphires are my favourite. Followed by blue topaz, amethyst, emeralds, rubies, any colored zirconia, and rose quartz. I do not like yellow gold and prefer silver or white gold 

83. I don't do walking. 

84. I like Draco Malfoy

85. Rich food and a lot of laughs = the perfect night out (or in, depending) 

86. I miss my old school and old life sometimes. 

87. I think a turtleneck on a guy is damn near the cutest sight in the world. 

88. I'm going to Atlantis in December 2012. 

89. I am addicted to Facebook. No, really. 

90. I barely turned my computer on since I realised I had 5 days left for the exams and I wonder if this is a bad thing. 

91. I keep promising to take pictures of where I live and around Calcutta, but I am too slack. 

92. I worry that I'm not taking Calcutta in and that I won't remember when I get home.

93. I wonder if I'll ever go Home.

94. I think Tom Felton is smoking hot and Imran Khan is cuddly cute

95. I am not in the least bit interested in Robert Pattinson (Edward 'leech' Cullen). I think this may make me a freak.

96. I secretly love T2 - even if they do have 90% useless news. 

97. One of my favourite things to do is to visit a theme park. My secret aim is to visit as many as possible in my lifetime.

98. I’m not always right, but I am never wrong

99. I am writing this and that makes me damn gutsy

100.     My name is Sanchali and this has been 100 things about me.  :-D