Saturday, May 21, 2011


I have been walking,
Crossing the paved causeway
With amazement in my eyes;
A dual feeling
Of awe and wariness.
But more than anything
It was this gnawing
Sipping the warm afternoon coffee,
Trying to let the world
Sink into me,
Trying to comprehend
All that mattered.
I have failed.
I have been living before I was born –
A life of pulsating energy,
Never knowing that
I would die with my
Birth into nothingness.
The dead yellow macabre
Leaves of Autumn
Too shy away from my company.
Neither do the long stretch
Of the cemetery walls
Agree to share their
Hidden secrets.
Everything passes by,
Everyone passes by,
I stand watching,
Letting it all pass,
Letting it all flow,
Tied up with my
What if it does not
Even if it does,
I am no one, nothing,
To make it all stop,
Stand and stare me
In the face.

-            Sanchali Ghosh
-            21st May2011
-            SG ║▌▌║█ ▌║▌║▌║║▌▌▌║█║
-            © 1 5 0 3 1 9 8 8 0 2 0 6 7
-            copyright Sanchali 2011

Friday, May 20, 2011


( 1 )


She: How could you?! How could you kill him?
He: I love you princess and that’s all that matters…
She: And I loved him… I loved Knight Raphael… and you dirty Shaman… you killed him…!
He: I did princess…I was craving for the sweet taste of revenge…
She: Revenge? Revenge for what?
He: He stole your heart in front of my eyes… how could I tolerate that princess? All that matters is he is no more…
She: So what if he is no more? I loved him and will always love him… you can never get me…
He: What are you going to do? Kill yourself princess? Go ahead… I will follow you…
She: No… I will get you hanged for what you’ve done…
He: But then, there’s a problem…I cannot possibly leave you alone here princess…I will have to solve the problem…

Her blood created intricate web like patterns on the cold stone floor… flowing from the deep gash where the silver dagger had ripped her apart…it flowed, incessantly… squeezing her dry…
He looked at his hands… the stench of blood made him nauseous… he would have to follow her as soon as possible… get hanged in public or follow her himself? He made the decision. He wrenched apart the knife from her body and made a final stab… how easy this was… three stabs and a new journey altogether… freedom? No.. he will have to follow her… it will be long before he gets that freedom…. He would finish this journey…no matter what.

( 2 )

New Jersey:: 2006

She: How are you?
He: I am fine, lucky that the knife didn’t puncture my liver…
She: I don’t understand what’s got to him… he was my best friend…
He: And he tried to kill you too…
She nodded mutely.
He: He loves you…that’s what it is…
She: So what? I love you…and just because of that, he tried to kill you…he’s a psychopath…
He: So, what happened?
She: Its still quite vague in my mind… I remember he tried to stab me and then a scuffle…the knife was in my hand…and then, its all blank…
He: Tomorrow’s his funeral right?
She: Who cares anyway… he was my friend though…I remember he said something about following me and finishing the journey and all…
He: Forget it now… you need rest…. It must have been a traumatic experience for you too… and as for his journey, he can finish it in hell….

( 3 )


Sheesh… I did love that girl… she never realized…”
“You… you killed her just because she loved me and not you?”
“Fair enough…don’t you think?”
“You should be…. You should be..”
“What? Brutally killed? Kill me…I will be with her though… you know what I feel… I have been trying to follow her… to get her for long… for years… centuries…millenniums maybe…and she still loves you… my poor stupid girl…I regret killing her… I regret… this means I will have to go on again…”
“Go on? What are you talking about you bloody psychopath?”
“You won’t understand… its been too long…maybe fourth time lucky…”
“Fourth time? I will kill you here and now…”
“I guess its your turn now… its been myself the first time and she did it the second time…kill me this time…you do it…’coz it doesn’t matter anyway you know…the same journey…just a different map…”


Tuesday, May 17, 2011


Though I may not be the whiny teenager that you hate, I realized [after being stranded for an hour beside a footpath dwelling family because of a downpour] that probably there are a hundred thousand things I am truly and honestly grateful for... here's listing the top twenty:

  • 1) My High Level of Tolerence: for example, I am tolerating that buzzing mosquito beside my left ear for the past ten minutes. The fact that I have been tolerating pointless education for the past sixteen years of my life, doesn't hurt either.

  • 2) Enigma, Muse and Linkin Park - they probably keep me sane in my insanest of days and get me high in my lowest of lows. Take a bow Enigma.

  • 3) The Cracks and Cobwebs on the Walls: I am no Robert Bruce, but trust me, any student would agree that there is no better distraction than the numerous cracks and cobwebs on the blank walls, just before the night of the examinations. You can stare t it for minutes all together, never knowing how fast the time is flowing. And if you are the constructive type, you are sure to take a lesson or two from the tiny spider. ;)

  • 4) Facebook: do I really need to say more about this? Nah, I wouldn't put you all to shame.... Thank you Mark Zuckerberg. Really.

  • 5) My Mother : for everything. Period. Oh, did I miss the fact that you also make me that lovely mango smoothie when I am down. Love.

  • 6)The Garfield Poster in my Room : My true unending source of confidence, attitude and panache. Oh, add the 'laziness' bit too.

  • 7) My College: My second home, my friends, my philosophies, my inspiration, my madness, my crazy hole, my eduction, my dreams, my aspirations, my food, my off-classes, my teachers, my Green Benches[fellow Xaverians will be knowing this], my music, my discussions, my gossips, my fights, my library, my examinations and my LOVE <3

  • 8) The Rain Gods: Wherever, in whichever form, from whichever mythology, I offer my humblest prayers to you - my true infinite source of relief and inspiration. Add poetry and photography to that.

TLALOC - The Aztec God of Rain

  • 9) My being a Bengali - how else would I talk non stop on sports, Saurav Ganguly, left and right and red and green, Robi Thakur, Satyajit Ray, and talk in the world's sweetest language? Bangali hoye gorbito.

  • 10) My Old Desktop Computer: I know its slow, its a senior citizen, its nothing sleek, almost an eyesore, but the fact that its been rendering me steady service since my seventh grade, makes my PC a strong contender on this list.

  • 11) My Part Time Job: You get fast bucks and it pays your MacD bills. What else? Enough to make it on this list.

  • 12) Patience: How else do you think I've been writing this at 2a.m. at night? What? Insomnia you say? But isn't that kind of too obvious?

  • 13) Harry Potter: My childhood friend, my fountain of weirdness and well of ideas, the insect that bit me with the writing bug. Enough said. Peace.

  • 14) Larry Page and Sergey Brin: for everything else, there's God.

  • 15) Everyone Reading this: Otherwise, I would still have been writing at the back of notebooks. Your infinite patience as you are going through this definitely weighs very heavy. Thank you people.

So, there goes the first 'GRATEFUL' list... rest coming up soon. Keep reading.
P.S.- Sharing Rocks. **hint**hint**