Friday, April 22, 2011

:: About Moi ::

1. I feel short compared to most people, even though I'm probably not that short. 

2. When I was young I worried that I would still be reading Harry Potter when I was an adult, and it would make me an outcast... :( 

3. I've never broken a limb (WHAT AN ACHIEVEMENT!!).

4. My favourite ice cream is Butterscotch with choco dumplings.... ymmm!!!

5. I once owned a She-ra Crystal Castle, which was exactly the same plastic castle as He-Man's Castle Grayskull, only spray painted pink. 

6. I once ran away from home at age 9 with a packet of chips, a pair of toy binoculars and a ten bucks note in my backpack. I made it as far as 10 km...

7. Despite the unreliability, crowd, and slow speed of the city buses, I am still stoked that I only have to wait 4 minutes for a bus.

8. I never saw DDLJ until last month and I think I really hate it .

9. I can't believe I made it in Neptune.. by my own personal scoring system, anyway ..

10. I have never been to Atlantis.

11. I love being in love <3 <3

12. I don't believe in love at first sight .

13. I have a problem with hypocrites.

14. I appreciate my mother .

15. My hobby is talking to myself.

16. I think about my mistakes .

17. I've been known to hold grudges, although I try not to ...

18. I feel lucky that I have been loved ..........

19. If I had the chance to start again, I would do almost nothing differently!

20. I swear too much ... damn.. (there I go again...)

21. I've never been cool. I kind of go my own way, which is uber-cool, apparently. 

22. I don't remember ever having chicken pox. I think I had the measles once 

23. I really really hate being sick. I am hardly ever sick enough to stay home from college, though. 

24. I don't have a "type" 

25. People who make me laugh fascinate me. Especially when its a sarcastic or caustic remark that does it 

26. I am writing this at the middle of night because I don't have any to do (some things never change).

27. I am leaving for dreamland in 45 minutes and I don't know if I want the dreams 

28. I can't think of that many things to write about myself! 

29. My favourite author is William Gibson, followed by J.K.Rowling, Alistair Maclean and Edgar Allan Poe

30. I always wanted to be in a real haunted house and have to stay the night with a group of my friends 

31. I love to read. Especially when its cold and raining and I'm inside 

32. I hate weddings. They're boring and stressful. 

33. I love mashed potato. Any potato dish really 

34. I can't sing, but I still love to anyway. 

35. I am a super huge Anime and Manga fan!!!!!! 

36. I'm a big fan of starfish sleeping 

37. My favourite color is black, which is boring because almost everyone elses is too 

38. The best game ever written is The Sims.. I own all the expansions. I've bought them twice, because I lost the first set 

39. I don't like being tickled. 

40. But I love pillow fights 

41. My blood type is AB+ 

42. I have a weakness for microwaved popcorn 

43. I love doodling in most of my classes.

44. My secret ambition when I was 11, was to be an astronaut, detective, adventurer and god knows what…

45. I waited all day on my 11th birthday to get the letter from Hogwarts

46. I secretly read Dante's Inferno. 

47. My favourite font is Chiller

48. I can talk to lizards

49. I absolutely love wolves… damn gorgeous

50. I've never met anyone from Siberia. I think that would be cool 

51. I don't like dolphin motifs on furniture, ornaments etc 

52. I love goats cheese 

53. Greek food is my favourite 

54. I am pro-choice, however I'm not sure what I'd do if I had to make one 

55. I like music with sad lyrics. This does not make me permanently depressive, however 

56. I cannot keep my room tidy. 

57. I had a cat called Tussy, named after... god knows what?!

58. I hate small tweeny irritating kids.

59. After a long day, I play GTA:Vice City just to ride the cool cars and blow up people.

60. I miss old friends sometimes but realise our parting was probably for the best 

61. I love old fashioned rooms with patched upholstery and nicotine-stained ceilings 

62. I like bingo. 

63. I am no good at gardening, I tend to kill all plants 

64. When I was in primary school Tazzos (free with chips packets)  just came out. You could get Pokemon, Digimon and all sorts of them.... I was the proud owner of 300 of them.

65. My one secret ambition is to write a book on Dystopian 'cyberpunk'ish society....

66. I once caught a cricket ball in my hair and became the most popular player for the day 

67. I don't really like a lot of candies, cant say the same for chocolates though...

68. My favourite movies are Rang de Basanti and A Clockwork Orange,Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, Inception, Blade Runner and the rest I cant remember now…

69. I hate doing dishes only slightly less than studying

70. I love Grappo Fizz

71. Above all programs, I hate Macromedia Flash the most

72. If I were a cartoon character, I'd be Milhouse from the Simpsons. ("My beautiful eyebrows!") :P

73. If I were an animal, I'd be a cat. Lazy, feline and fat :) though I've always loved Wolves

74. I adore my new window drapes.

75. I hate Big Boss (and variations thereof) 

76. I'm passionate about music and have a pretty diverse taste 

77. I'm not in the least bit original, but praise others for being so 

78. I hate noise waking me up. 

79. I secretly like the colors Red and White

80. I have been known to start fights due to lack of sleep irritability 

81. I hate Professor Snape

82. Sapphires are my favourite. Followed by blue topaz, amethyst, emeralds, rubies, any colored zirconia, and rose quartz. I do not like yellow gold and prefer silver or white gold 

83. I don't do walking. 

84. I like Draco Malfoy

85. Rich food and a lot of laughs = the perfect night out (or in, depending) 

86. I miss my old school and old life sometimes. 

87. I think a turtleneck on a guy is damn near the cutest sight in the world. 

88. I'm going to Atlantis in December 2012. 

89. I am addicted to Facebook. No, really. 

90. I barely turned my computer on since I realised I had 5 days left for the exams and I wonder if this is a bad thing. 

91. I keep promising to take pictures of where I live and around Calcutta, but I am too slack. 

92. I worry that I'm not taking Calcutta in and that I won't remember when I get home.

93. I wonder if I'll ever go Home.

94. I think Tom Felton is smoking hot and Imran Khan is cuddly cute

95. I am not in the least bit interested in Robert Pattinson (Edward 'leech' Cullen). I think this may make me a freak.

96. I secretly love T2 - even if they do have 90% useless news. 

97. One of my favourite things to do is to visit a theme park. My secret aim is to visit as many as possible in my lifetime.

98. I’m not always right, but I am never wrong

99. I am writing this and that makes me damn gutsy

100.     My name is Sanchali and this has been 100 things about me.  :-D

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