Saturday, June 25, 2011

:: MONSOON DIARIES #1 :: Sudden Cloudburst ::

And another season sets in,
Spreading through the haphazard maze
Of stone,brick,concrete and life,
And the usual rush of hopes
And scattered dreams
Sheltered from the dusty sun.

The melting bricks find solace
In the sudden rain of the afternoon,
Pouring in through the gaps
In the canopied sky,
Crowded with tower after tower,
All vying to reach the daystar.

Somewhere down across the labyrinthine road,
Someone throws the window open,
Taking in the smell of dust and rain
Wafting in through the rusted grills,
Setting the air free
From the shackles of monotony.

And in the lane opposite,
The distraught lad
Finds alleviation in the dusty guitar,
Not strummed since
He had finally come to face the world,
And realize its potential.

In a city where discord is the only harmony,
Similar smiles of ease
Spreads across the convoluted
Works of iron-
All together,all alike,
All in a similar sense of relief.

The sudden deluge
Surprises the grime coated foliage,
Washing them off
To the rich emerald and bich hue;
All looking up in a silent prayer
Of whispered thanking to Tlaloc and Chaac.

The strange mechanical humming
Of the monstrous growth of metal and bricks
Suddenly seems amputed
By the congruous sound of every single
Drop of rain
Striking the black air of the city.

But then all suddenly break out of the reverie,
And abstract technicolour dreams
And are back to stacks of files to be transfered,
Open trigonometry text-books,
Whistles of the pressure cooker in the background,
And the din of metal hitting metal.

And I still search in absolute vain
For verses to pen and words to explain.

26TH JULY, 2011

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  1. Nicely expressed and very contrasting paragraphs.... I find the reference to the Mayan and Aztec deities very interesting.....
    A nice composition.....
    Would like to congratulate you heartily...:)