Wednesday, August 31, 2011


Dear good sunny World,
Its the end of August and inevitably I find myself looking ahead at the bleak coming week, dreading it as usual. Its a pattern my brain has fallen into maybe...end of August, the start of the exams... Somehow even before the routine was put up in the college notice board, I knew what was coming, or rather my subconscious did...
All around me were the familiar faces dunked into books and photocopying notes...the usual haunts in the library changed from the Fiction section to the Reference section. But my brain failed to make my body react. I knew I had on notes... I knew nothing, but still I could not make myself up and see the routine or enquire about the syllabus.. After endless persuasion by a dear friend, I took the pains of traversing all the way up to the second floor of the college housing the grand computerized central library. When I came out, instead of notes on Milton's Paradise Lost, philology and Great Expectations, I found a fat copy of Stephen King's Under the Dome in my hand. My friend gave up all hopes on me thereafter...
With a week to go for the exams that are supposed to test our 'knowledge' and ability of the language, I finally bunked college and stayed up at home to 'study'.
To tell the truth, I did study to a degree. Infact now I know that Lake of Fire is not just a Nirvana song, its a part of Milton's epic; English is even lesser original than I had even imagined-god knows it borrows truckloads from French, Scandinavian and Latin; and that Japanese Manga cartoons are damn difficult to draw, 'We don't Need no Education' is very easy to play on the guitar, 'Under the Dome' is truly Epic in the literal sense of the word, Google Plus can never compete with Facebook, Iridescent is my favourite Linkin Park number... get the drift?
And in such an elevated state of mind I will in to write the examinations... another exam season will come to an end soon... I will again promise to myself to sit with my books at least once... And once more I will drift off into a world that's essentially my own and necessarily free of all lines of examinations.
A harassed and worn out student.