Monday, February 13, 2012

Ek Main Aur Ekk Tu :: A Monday Morning Treat

Frankly speaking, when I went to watch Ek Main aur Ekk Tu, all I was interested in was watching the lovable Imran Khan in action again. Coming from the Dharma stable, I had expected it to be a boy meets girl story. But half an hour into it, I was pleasantly surprised by this new boy meets girl story. The accidental marraige in a drunken stupor in Las Vegas is but a gimmick to get the story ahead, and the movie has nothing similar to Hollywood flicks like What Happens in Vegas or The Proposal.

The story begins with Rahul Kapoor(Imran Khan), scion of the Kapoor family business loosing his job of an architect and landing up unemployed in Vegas. A meeting with the psychiatrist leads him to encounter Riana Braganza( Kareena Kapoor) and what follows is the high strung mamma's boy going for a whirlwind of a ride with the spunky care-free Riana and falling in love over a Kuch Kuch Hota Hai song. They sing, dance and have fun in a way you and me would, and not run with open arms in fields and fall into each other's arms. But Riana brings much more than just fun to Rahul's life. Having led all his life under the diktat's of his high class socialite parents (played brilliantly by Ratna Pathak Shah and Boman Irani), he finally decides to loosen up and bursts out about his lost job, his accidental marriage, a certain wife of a certain family friend, that he prefers eating with the fork and not chopsticks and what not at a dinner party! In fact he learns to be happy being 'Perfectly Average'. But when cupid strikes, things go awry, and a sad song later, they come back together. But that is where the brilliance of the movie lies. They come back in a way but they don't actually. Well, you'll have to catch the movie to know the rest as I am not giving anything out here.

As for the lead pair, they do justice to their roles. Riana Braganza is a shade of Jab We Met's Geet and Kareena Kapoor plays it with aplomb. Imran Khan is a riot! From the deadpan to a cluelessly trapped bachelor, or a man who has just discovered himself to the frustrated and confused-lost guy - he plays a brilliant Rahul - someone all the girls would like to take to their mother.Their chemistry is informal and affable- just what the script demands.

The plot, despite being not that deep, manages to hold the audience through some great slice-of-life moments. The cinematography - well... even a noob with a 3mp camera can make LV look like a million bucks! Amit Trivedi's music is hummable, with 'Aunty Ji', 'Aahatein' and the title track standing out. And to top it all, the short running time of 2 hours really make things click.

After a long time, I watched a rom-com that actually managed to hold my attention and make me smile. Bunking the Monday morning classes were definitely worth it. If nothing, go for the feel good factor that the film manages to share in plenty this Valentine's Day.

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  1. seriously fuck Omar Qureshi and all the others, you can even be a movie critic!
    now after reading all thay m actually feeling like watching it!!!