Friday, April 27, 2012

As Above so Below

"Quod est inferius est sicut
quod est superius, et quod
est superius est sicut quod
est inferius"
That is the basic idea I had while sketching this one randomly.
As for the explanation, it's basically the liberation of mankind.
The pseudo yin-yang symbol(which is actually supposed to depict balance) has the Egyptian Ankh or the symbol of death on one of its sides. The inevitability of
death and decay even in the highest of beings is what I meant to show by that. The roots and leaves growing downwards is the search for the establishment of a New world order amidst the chaos of religion. W hile the drawing, if you see linearly from left to right, shows the development of mankind, his spiritual destruction and his want for enlightenment..
yeah, that was my basic idea I guess..
don't know how far I have been able to explain it.

Now he you parallel this explanation, this sketch and the quote from the Emerald Tablet that I have quoted above (and which actually means "what is above is below and what is below stems from what is above") I hope you will realize what I had wanted to depict in this sketch.

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